This second diary note will tell you how I see the beautiful temples, which can be found anywhere in Japan.


Finland is a Christian country, and so we don’t have temples where to go relax and be quiet, instead we have churches. As a Finnish, I find Shinto and Buddhism are much more interesting religions, and I love the traditions which are made in temples and the stories behind every temple.



In Finland you have to pay to church if you want to be in one, so I myself withdraw from the church two years ago. I also don’t actually do believe in what Christianity teaches, so I find Buddhism way better religion to myself. That’s also one of the reasons why I love Japanese temples so much.



I also love the architecture, which has so many lovely shapes. They are truly beautiful to watch. As I already said, I love the traditions and also every different building that temples has to do the traditions. Churches in Finland has just the one building to do all the ceremonies, so it’s kind a boring too to go always to the same building to celebrate something.
Temples are just very beautiful and peaceful places to me, even little magical.



I went to take some photos on Zozoji Temple on beautiful Thursday morning, where all the photos in this article are from too. I really love Zozoji Temple, because it’s in center of busy Tokyo and still being so peaceful. You can also see there growth of modern time very next to old and ancient buildings.



Translated by Nagaomi Kawaharada




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