『旅人は夢を奏でる』 “Tie Pohjoiseen (=Road to North)” is road trip-like Finnish film directed by Mika Kaurismäki and it was released Finland’s movie theaters in 28.08.2012

Movie tells a story of Timo Porala (Samuli Edelmann), who is famous concert pianist, but still his personal life is in a huge mess and he’s not happy. One day Timo founds a man from his home door, and this man, who has seen much of life, turns out to be Timo’s father, Leo (Vesa-Matti Loiri). Leo left Timo and his mother when Timo was only 3 years old, and so Leo haven’t been in Timo’s life for 35 years.
Leo is a positive fellow, who had to leave Finland because of couple of messes, and now he has returned to give a secretive legacy to his son and also answers to question from the past.

They have to take a trip together, trip which is takes them to North.

Now Japanese version of the film poster is released.

Samuli Edelmann and Vesa-Matti Loiri are both famous actors in Finland, and they have recorded many albums too.
“Tie Pohjoiseen” movie’s theme song “Tuomittuna kulkemaan” (=Made to travel as being Doomed) was a duet singed by them, and it’s made by famous Finnish singer Juha Tapio.

Loiri is a iconic character in Finland, and there’s not anyone who wouldn’t like him. He’s an actor, singer, comedian. Also he has also played sports. His first movie role was in year 1962, but his most famous movie character is Uuno Turhapuro, which is one of Finland’s most iconic movie characters.

Edelmann became famous by singing, and his song ‘Peggy‘ was Finland’s candidate song to Euro-vision contest at year 1991. Edelmann has made movie roles from year 1981, and he’s also a voice acting, for example in the Finnish version “Shrek.”

“Tie Pohjoiseen” achieved great success in Finland. It got audience’s prize in Saint Petersburg’s international movie festivals.

Finnish people have really loved the movie, not just because of famous actors are in it, but also because many people can be related in this story.

This movie takes its places to Helsinki, where the journey of son and dad starts, and Lapland, where this story ends. Both cities are very iconic places in Finland, and both also show the beautiful scenery of Finland.

“Tie Pohjoiseen” very regular Finnish movie; it’s sad, despaired, full of black humor and still it makes you laugh and cry for happiness.

There’s always despair, but still joy in life too. That is the main point in many Scandinavian films, and “Tie Pohjoiseen” is not different from that.

This is the Original movie trailer.

Movie’s theme song by Vesa-Matti Loiri and Samuli Edelmann

“Tie Pohjoiseen” will be at Japanese movie theaters in January 2014.

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