博報堂のDeAL(Device Act Lab)が、赤ちゃんを持つ働くお父さんとお母さんの強い味方となりそうなアプリの開発を進めているそうです。それがこの「Paby」。

DeAL from Internal Institution of Hakuhodo Inc. has started to develop an app, which will help all the working parents in Japan, but soon too all around the world, who can’t be with their babies during working hours.


From Japanese households about 60% has parents which are working during days, and so they really can’t be with their families all the time. This is not only in Japan, it’s also growing in Europe too.That was the reason which led to development of Paby.




With Paby, parents can communicate with their babies via baby mobile, which has a camera on it. Parents can also control the mobile’s toys via smartphone.

With app, baby can call to parents Paby-app with crying sound, and when parent picks up, baby can hear the parents voice from speaker. Then mom or dad can move the mobile toys via his phone, and this way communicate with the baby even from work. From camera, parent can see when baby is okay and smiling again. This way it’s also more joyful to continue with job tasks, because parent will know that baby is doing fine.



Paby is still under development, which why DeAL is looking for partner organizations to join development and marketing Paby.For more information, please contact to DeAL via Paby website.

PABY: Parent and Baby cam [PABY]
Translated by Nagaomi Kawaharada




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