Last time we told you about color changing designs, and now it’s kitchen decorations turn.

This pot named “Coral Pan” tells you how hot it is by its color, so you don’t burn your hand and fingers on it accidentally. Coral Pan’s designers are William Spiga and Juliana Martins.

When it’s cool, it’s all light blueish, and when it’s getting hotter, the part of design turns to yellow, and when the pot is totally hot, some of yellow spots will turn to hot red!

And that’s not all, the pot also turn from the pot to serving bowl!

Handle and lit at the pot are removable, so after you’ve been cooking, you can serve the still hot food in the same pretty pot without worrying about the handle being in the way or just looking out of place in dinner table.

Color-Changing Cookware: Hot Pot + Serving Bowl Design [Dornob]




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