In these days it’s getting more and more popular to put something design in your home, which is some how changing depending to the warmness of your house.
Designer Shi Yuan has made couple of these kind of designs to your home.

This poster is an active wall decoration. As you touch it, your hands warmness will change the color of it. This how you can make the poster look different everyday.

This chameleon wallpaper again let you have totally new touch to your home everyday! As at mornings when it’s getting more warm, the wallpaper starts to bloom little bit more and more depending on warmness of the room.

Of course it totally depends on the warmness of the room, that how much flowers will bloom. But if you put the wallpaper on the sunny room, there would be no problem you to see these beautiful flowers every sunny day.

In the case of calender, the ink will fade away by getting cold at night. You will “see” the passing of time into the next.

Heat-Activated Paint for Color-Changing Interior Designs [Dornob]




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